12 week Pre Contest Training

Dee's Divas & Dudes fitness competition

The premise of my 12 week pre contest training is to provide you with a full, comprehensive contest diet that will be able to take your body to the level of an elite fitness competitor. I have been through the process and have been to the pinnacle of the sport. I understand what it takes as a personal trainer to help giving you the best results possible for the Jay Cutler Desert Classic, Atlantis, Patriot's Challenge, Las Vegas Classic, or any other even that is taking place. I am familiar with all aspects of this sport and all divisions and federations are within my scope such as: bikini, fitness, figure, female & male physique, female & male bodybuilding, and fitness modeling. Along with a diet that is tailored to fit your specific body type, I also offer posing practice as part of your 12 week preparation as this is sometimes an overlooked aspect of the sport and it is imperative to be precise with your posing to couple with your competition. It is important that I am able to meet with you at least once a week at City Athletic Club in Las Vegas because I closely monitor your composition changes throughout the process and i must be able to view and assess your progress to make diet and/or workout changes accordingly. Although the results rely on you independently, Dee Blooms's Divas and Dudes is very much a team and family and you are welcomed and treated with respect whether it is your very first show or you are a seasoned veteran. I look forward to being able to be your personal fitness trainer that will help in achieving your goal of being a fitness competitor. Feel free to contact me at any time and we can schedule a free consultation and begin your very own fitness journey!

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