I came Pittsburg by myself with nothing less than my indomitable will and sheer fortitude…traits that have carried me far in life… Thank you Denise Dinger for being my rock, my strength during moments of weakness; for showing me light when I could only see darkness; for believing in me when I wouldn't; for staying by my side when I needed you the most; for being patient; for listening to me; for putting up with my tantrums and insecurities leading up to the show; for teaching me the meaning of trust and loyalty; for believing in my potential and never letting me doubt it; for showing me the value of staying true to myself; for making me understand that change is hard but sometimes needed.
Thank you for being that good-hearted, selfless, sincere, caring, IFBB pro that could climb any mountain and make me believe that I could too. You are a secure individual, a secure professional IFBB pro athlete--never one to put others down, never one to judge, never one to label, never one to engage in petty, toxic dialogue; but always one with a positive, upbeat, and a creative energy that I needed during my strenuous contest preps. Thank you Mama Dee. Sometimes counselors need emotional support too. Thank you for being my mommy when I needed one.
Dee's Divas & Dudes Mario Pereza IFBB Pro